Lastnight I got together for a karaoke party with a bunch if my coworkers… It was good fun and a lot of the cute guys showed up. I was surprised… I remember taking about 9 shots of patron and shit the last thing I remembered before I woke up on the ground was singing Let It Go hahahaha.
No, but this is the interesting part of the story and the reason why I’m posting haha…. The guys took me home and one of there hot Filipino friends said he would take care of me in the back… He let me rest on his shoulder and later he was just touching my arm.. Rubbing it gently and I mean COME ON.. Who wouldn’t get turned on by a buff, good looking Filipino guy touching them?!? And this guy was straight because… Lmfaoo at first he couldn’t get hard but I mean, nothing a blow job wouldn’t fix… I feel so scandalous but I was so drunk it just happened!!! I asked if I could rest on how lap and he agreed. I snuggled against his lap and I felt him getting hard. And so I reached for his blushes and he ddnt stop me. That’s when I knew he was enjoying it… I jerked him of with his pants on for a while and he later unzipped his pants. This guy knows what he wants!!! So I mean the rest is history lmao!! It’s funny cause my coworkers in the front were trying to ask where to drop me off and I kept saying just the city and not specifically where… In my head I was like; ughhhh my mouth is kinda busy!!!!!!! And omg I kept making those slurping sounds!!!! I kinda wanted my coworkers to see cause they’re hot also; lmfaooo gangbang here we come!!! Shiiiit!! I think they knew what was going on but ddnt wanna turn around bwahahhahaha. Anyways; I’m hungover at work now and I just wanted to post before the moment gets dull. I still cannot believe!!
That was hot tho, shit.